Who We Are

The Coalition is a small non-profit organization in Tracy, CA where we help men who are experiencing low income or homelessness by providing a safe place. In these homes we offer physical, emotional, and spiritual stability. We operate with the hope of launching these men into a fully functioning role as contributing citizens of Tracy.

The Coalition began with one man, Marvin Rothschild, who wanted to provide hot showers to Tracy’s Homeless back in 2009. Today, the Coalition provides numerous critical services to Tracy’s homeless. Emerson House began in July of 2012 as a transition place for homeless men. Rochester House began in November of 2015 as a supportive living facility for formerly homeless disabled men. These two homes now hold over 30 beds for men in our community experiencing homelessness.

Emerson House is a first step transition home we utilize to house men experiencing homelessness and equip them to create stability in their lives. Rochester House is a continuation of Emerson House, where men who live with disabilities can have a safe supportive place to escape homelessness. Each man who comes to live at Emerson House is required to participate in the Emerson House Program and utilize our resources to prepare to live independently – to leave Emerson House when they have secured sufficient income to afford a place of their own.

Emerson House provides residents with comfortable, safe, and clean living quarters while each resident works diligently toward securing employment and saving money to successfully start again.  It’s a family type environment with shared rooms and occasional shared meals. Ones’ ability to “fit in” is a prerequisite to joining the Emerson House family.

No alcohol or drugs are allowed on EH premises and residents are required to remain completely “clean” throughout their stay.  Drug and alcohol testing is administered regularly when necessary and residents are dismissed from the Program if found under the influence. There are many rules at Emerson House which are strictly enforced by the Resident Manager, under the supervision of the Program Director.  Emerson House is not a “flop” house for men looking for a hand-out. Its program is offered to men who truly want to and are ready to do whatever it takes to positively change their lives. Potential residents are scrutinized thoroughly during the intake decision process.

Emerson House provides a much-needed service to the Tracy community as its volunteers care deeply about helping homeless men, who are able, to stand on their own again and to be productive community members.  The CTCAH organization is supported by donations and grants, as well as Emerson and Rochester House residents, who pay nominal Program Fees to help with operational expenses.

If you, or someone you know, can use a step up, read the Emerson House Rules and complete an application. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Please consider helping Emerson House Volunteers by setting up a small monthly donation and/or offering a small amount of your time (See Volunteer Interests descriptions page on this website.)

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