The purpose of the Emerson House Program is to help each Resident to become independent and complete goals in 12-18 months. At the same time, we require that substance abuse issues be addressed through outside resources including medical professionals and community programs.

Upon successful completion of the Emerson House Program, a Resident will be financially prepared to make it on his own. He will have:

  • A full time job
  • Paid all debts and fines in full
  • Emergency savings
  • Deposit for a rental

For some, this may take more time than others. For everyone, it will take hard work and most of all, dedication.

If a stable future is your goal and you’re willing to follow the Emerson House Program to reach it, we invite you to complete the application below.


  1. Click on “Link to Emerson House Application” below.

  2. Read the rules and release of liability FIRST.

  3. Complete the online application.
     (Honestly and in its entirety)

  4. You will be contacted within 24 hours or you may reach out to:
    Shannon Ortiz (209) 814-0758 ____________________________________________________________________

Application for Emerson House, transition to independence for homeless men:

Link to Emerson House Application

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